Eliminate Fraud, Waste and Abuse

The biggest problems in our state stem from lack of financial responsibility.

Balanced Budget: I will always support a balanced budget. Simple math for getting out of debt tells us that in any given year, our revenue in tax dollars minus expenditures should be greater than or equal to zero. Everyone seems to understand this except legislators. The Illinois constitution requires a balanced budget, and I will insist that we follow the law

Auditing: In my first year, I will sit down with every state run agency in my district to audit them. In doing so, I expect to find ways to cut unnecessary spending in order to reallocate funds to more necessary programs within the same departments. This will ensure that the taxpayers of Illinois get the most bang for their buck within their government.

Infrastructure: The future of Illinois rests on ensuring that its many sources of infrastructure are ready to handle the economic demands of an ever-growing population. I will ensure that money allocated for roads, bridges, railroads, locks, and runways is actually put into these systems. I will also ensure that new construction and maintenance is done in an efficient way so that every tax dollar spent is maximized.

Schools: Education of our youth in Illinois is a top priority. In order to create a better, more efficient system of education, I support following our neighbor Iowa in adopting an open enrollment system. This would give parents the ability to enroll their student in any school district (in-district students accepted first) and would create competition among school districts to provide the most high-quality education possible. This would also benefit those who are from underprivileged areas or minority cultures by giving them the ability to access a better education.