Pro Life

  • Abortion: Abortion is not a form of birth control. When a woman becomes pregnant, that fetus is a human being that is entitled to the same fundamental rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness as everyone else. I will do everything in my power to roll back the inhumane practice of abortion in Illinois.
    1. Exception:
      1. Medical Necessity-Some women have complications during pregnancy resulting in immediate threat to their lives should the pregnancy continue. In such cases, the decision to terminate the pregnancy rests with her under the advisement and documentation of a licensed medical doctor.
  • Euthanasia: I will always work to protect the lives of the most vulnerable in our state. Every American regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, or contribution to society is entitled to the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as outlined under the constitution.
  • Assisted Suicide: My heart goes out to all who feel that death is a better alternative to relieve their suffering. However, as a law maker and a neighbor in your community I will work to provide the best mental healthcare possible to council you through your time of grief.