Public Safety

A safe society is a prosperous society. I will NEVER support taking necessary funding away from the people who keep us safe

Particularly in law enforcement, I will support legislation to keep protection clauses in place to ensure officers are financially protected assuming they are following protocol. I will also support mandatory life sentence with no parole for anyone convicted of killing a police officer. In keeping these protections in place, we are able to ensure the best candidates are applying and employed as officers in this state.

I will support fire and ems particularly in rural areas by finding a way for volunteers to receive optional health care coverage through the department. I believe this will incentivize applicants because most self-employed people (have the most ability to volunteer) struggle with their major healthcare expenses. This is a win for them and a win in helping the taxpayers of Illinois have the best emergency resources available to them.

I will support correctional officers by ensuring that funding for adequate hiring and facility management is available. Current officers are mandatorily overworked and understaffed. They are expected to control groups of inmates while being severely outnumbered. We must ensure that our prisons are secured and that starts by ensuring the safety of officers and inmates.